Evolution Evolving Notions of Creation, Evil, and Eschaton

One definite way that evolution evolves our conceptions of the doctrine of creation is that it leads us away from the notion of creation as a past event, and forces us to see  it instead as an ongoing process, which has still yet to reach its completion. This is certainly helpful in terms of theodicy; when things look grim we may remind ourselves that God is not yet finished with this place, it is a work in progress. However, what I find disturbing is the idea that the very things we hope one day to be rid of, selfishness, oppression, manipulation, and the like, are in fact some of the very mechanisms by which God is driving us forward into that perfect future that is free of selfishness, oppression, and manipulation. Should I find this disturbing? Or is it in fact the only way such present horrors have any chance of being justified? God does after all seem to have a delightful way of ironically gaining the upper hand on the Devil. Such a move may not necessarily be out of character for him. After all, the very center of Christian hope is that in Jesus God has defeated death by dying.

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    who created evil/sin?

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